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Moonlight creeps into the darkened room.  A mysterious mist shrouds your vision, and as it slowly clears, you begin to see it... slowly resolving into view... and you can tell....

It's ALIVE!!!!

You've stumbled into the lair of
The Pumpkin Wizard

But don't be afraid... our creations are friendly!

Great News!
The Pumpkin Wizard is cranking up for the year after a deleayed start.  The season will be short, but so will the membership prices!  All new memberships will be only $4.95 this season, making getting access to over 1400 pumpkin carving patterns cost less than a venti pumpkin spice late!  Our initial launch for 2020 will be Saturday 9/25/2020, with more added frequently.   Also, because of the low prices and short season, all new patterns posted for 2020 will only be available in the Members Only section.  Previews are available in the public ares to whet your appetites!

Also, for any members from 2018 and 2019, you memberships will still be honored for the entire 2020 season!  So please enjoy your free year on us, for our problems providing new patterns last year.  Our apologies for the inconvenience.  

Due to the shortcomings of our previous service provider, we are now hosted in the cloud using Amazon Web Services!

Due to the change in service providers, we're still working out the kinks of the website, so please excuse us as we get things sorted out.  At this time, to get the site up, the 2018 last update version is what is currently available.  We are working out issues with emails to and from the site and a few other problems, so be patient with us.  We will have a complete update on the launch date with a fully functional system!

For more inspiration, check out the carving galleries of work by both The Pumpkin Wizard, and new this year, the Guests' Carvings gallery!

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