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How to Print Your Patterns

All Pumpkin Wizard patterns are now delivered in Adobe PDF format.  This format is the most widely used document format on the internet, and makes printing of your patterns easier than ever.  Al that is required is the Adobe Acrobat reader program, which if not already loaded on your PC is available here:

Adobe Acrobat Reader Download

All you need to do is open the pattern with the Acrobat reader and print it to your printer.  

The patterns are automatically sized to print on a standard sheet of paper, but there some things you can do to change the size and orientation if you want.  You can use the Acrobat reader print screen to change the orientation from portrait to landscape to allow the pattern to better fit the paper being used.  You can also check the "Fit" and "Actual Size" buttons on the print page to change how the picture fits on the paper.

If you would like your pattern to be printed smaller than the standard size, most printers allow you to scale the printout down.  Just click the "Properties" button next to your printer name on the Acrobat print screen, and look for a tab that says "Page Layout" or something similar.  In most cases, there will be an area that allows you to reduce or enlarge the document to be printed.  Select the size that best suits your needs.

Some programs such as Photoshop will also allow you to open the PDF file, so that you can resize it as you need for your particular situation.

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